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We Care About Your Money And Safety.

Have the best services, at affordable prices. HI. Thank you for coming to our website. Temporarily, registration, activation, access and use of this website and many of our services is permitted only and exclusively to our registered, verified and authorized users on our main website. , at this link: Any unauthorized use is discouraged and prohibited. DirectDemocracyS, innovation, political, financial, and economic, alternative to everything else!

We are focused on building and sustaining long-term generational relationships with our customers.

Always have satisfied customers with all our services.


We Make Your Life Comfortable With Our Services.

Withdraw Funds

The available funds can be withdrawn at any time. The blocked funds can be withdrawn when the deposit expires, or by paying penalties, they can be withdrawn early.

Deposit Funds

Funds can be deposited into your bank account at any time and transferred at any time, or used for payments. Among our customers, transfers are almost always free, and unlimited, based on the tariff plan chosen.

Fast Transfer

The fast transfer can be made both between our customers, in real time, and between our customers and the customers of other banks, at always advantageous conditions.

Why Choose Us

We Are Giving You The Best Services.

Lowest Transaction Fee

The OTP is a randomly generated code that is sent to your phone or email. You will need to enter this code in order to confirm.

Secure Service

The OTP is a randomly generated code that is sent to your phone or email. You will need to enter this code in order to confirm.



Years of Experience

Digital Banking Solution Est. 1990

Our Features

Explore Our Features


Transfer Money

You are able to transfer your funds within the DirectDemocracyS Bank or other banks we support by adding your beneficiaries.


Deposit Schemes

We have two deposit schemes for you, one is Deposit Pension Scheme and another one is the Fixed Deposit Receipt.


Take Loan

We have several plans to apply for a loan. You may apply to our loan plans by submitting some of your valid information.

How it works

It's easy to join with Us

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Open an Account

To be an account holder you have to open an account first.

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After registration you need to verify your Email and Mobile Number.

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Deposit some funds before applying on any FDR or DPS plans.


Get Service

Now you can get any of our services as our registered account-holder

What People Say About Us

It's Easy To Join With Us

Karl Matthews

I could say many nice things about DirectDemocracyS, which is the best political organization in the history of man, the only fair and honest one. When I saw, that in addition to politics, we could freely invest together, knowing the rules, I immediately joined our economic and financial activities. The actual conditions are exactly as explained in our detailed articles. Try it, with small sums, and you will see that I am right.

John Finge

I like DirectDemocracyS Bank. It offers complete, convenient services and many financial and economic projects, in which every person can find interesting activities and can earn honestly and without any problems. I recommend it to all my acquaintances, who have already started buying TimeCrypWS, abbreviated SWCT, a cryptocurrency, based on concrete assets. certainly the first to invest will earn a lot of money in a short time, but even those who do so later will certainly be more than satisfied.

Glenna Manning

DirectDemocracyS Bank is undoubtedly the most innovative bank, an alternative to all the others. It offers comprehensive services, with affordable commissions, and above all it has enormous potential. I also joined on all the various linked sites ending in I am proud to be part of these activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact with Us

Yes, we don't take any fees for opening an account.

Yes, you can send money from DirectDemocracyS Bank to another bank.

Get the registration form by clicking on the Sing Up button on the top bar. Provide all information and click on the Sign Up button.

No, we don't provide our account holder's information to any third-party organization.

We have several loan plans. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the Apply Now button and put the amount.

We have several FDR plans. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the Apply Now button and put the amount.

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